In order to train in proper conditions, in a peaceful atmosphere and efficiently, the whole team must do many hours of backstage work. Horse feeding, hygiene, health, blacksmith, veterinarian care, osteopathy/kiroprachter, heating, training, fitting of tack, bedding, harnesses, riding school maintenance, tracks, horseboxes, paddocks, roadways, patios, hay stacks….. are our specialty!

The team

Miguel de BragançaMiguel de Bragança

Disciple of António Borba Monteiro since 1992, and rider with the Portuguese Equestrian Art School (EPAE) since 1996. In charge of promoting and organizing the international competition, Iberian Dressage Cup, assists António Monteiro in training and supervises competition riders on a daily basis. Provides technical support in the different activities held at STAL. Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian

Martim Ferreira da CunhaMartim Ferreira da Cunha

Rider at Santo Andre Lusitanos since 2014. Studied Horses Management at Alter do Chão, and made a Specialization at Cadre Noir Saumur. Martim is the supervisor of all activities at STAL. And coordinates the work with starter and young riders. Languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.

Francisco Corrêa HenriquesFrancisco Corrêa Henriques

Disciple of António Monteiro Borba since 1998, competes since 2002. Has a degree in management masters in finance from Universidade Católica Portuguesa. His functions are rider and provides technical support in the management and promotion of various activities of STAL. Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Assunção da Cunha MonteiroAssunção da Cunha Monteiro

Public Relations since 2002. Commercial Responsible.

António Borba Monteiro

António Borba Monteiro

Teacher of classical equitation, Master rider at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. Antonio Borba Monteiro was born in Portugal on a family of riders, breeders of horses and bulls. In these surroundings, and by the hand of his grandfather and his uncle Master Guilherme Borba he discovers and learns the Portuguese traditions related to the Lusitano horse.

On his 18th birthday he moves to his uncle’s home, the house of his grandfather where he lives until today with his family. The passion for horses does not prevent him from taking a degree in engineering, like his father. This knowledge helps him to interpret the dynamics and efforts of horses.

In 1981 he joins the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE), once again under the guidance of his uncle that takes him to the approval of his Master, the great Nuno de Oliveira. Master Nuno hired Antonio Borba Monteiro to work with his horses while he leaves to Australia. Great honor and responsibility! The Master states: - “If you improve them, I’ll give them to you…”

Antonio Borba Monteiro is Master of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art since 1998, where he participates in shows and ongoing training of horses and riders. He practices all airs that he teaches at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and at home with the cooperation of his uncle and colleagues. He also competed in dressage with horses from Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, with national success and also at international level.

At home he gives continuation to his uncle’s work, selecting lusitano horses and teaching.